Meet Amanda O'Reilly

Amanda was born and raised in Ottawa Canada. She is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Master Life Coach, Theta Healer. She also created an empowerment line of science-backed jewelry called Worthy Wands.

While she wears many hats, each one serves a purpose and feeds her passion of facilitating healing on a deeper level. After going through her own “dark night of the soul” and her own personal rock bottom, Amanda was introduced to another way of healing and dove into neuroplasticity, subconscious programming, epigenetics, theta healing, quantum physics and quickly saw how it was possible for anyone to rewire our brains in order to have the life they desire.

Amanda runs a successful coaching practice, offers online courses and Masterminds on self-worth. Her greatest joy is helping people untangle themselves from their “story” because let’s be honest, we’re all professional storytellers. Some of the stories we tell are empowering, and others are extremely limiting. Amanda believes  “fake it until you make it, is the biggest disservice there is, she prefer, BE it until you are” Who is that you ask? Well, this is the work,  figuring out who we are underneath all the conditioning. 

When you can work towards owning your story, you have to power to change the ending. The first step is unbecoming all you unknowingly bought into and became before you realized you had a say. We can’t positively think our way out of trauma and past limiting beliefs but you can understand that who you are is always at the mercy of your "story" and patterns and WHO you're choosing to BE. 

It is my honor and privilege to be your guide on the journey home, to you!